DAT Test Registration

Before completing DAT test registration, candidates must gain approval from the American Dental Association by submitting an application either online or through U.S. mail.

  • Online applications can only be paid for using a credit card while
  • Mailed applications can only be paid for using a money order.
  • Individuals who are current members of the American Dental Association or the American Student Dental Association are permitted to pay using a personal check as long as the member number is written on the face of the check.

Prometric will be notified when your application has been approved and you have provided evidence of test eligibility. If you have provided an email address, Prometric will contact you with further instructions. If you have only provided a U.S. mail address, instructions for completing your DAT test registration will be sent to your address.

You must apply within one year of the date you intend to take the test. If you fail to take your DAT within this period of time, resubmission of application materials and fees will be required. Extensions are not given for any reason. Should your application fail to meet the requirements for eligibility, it will be returned to you.

You must register using your legal name, and you must provide identification at the testing center that is identical with that name or risk being prohibited from taking the test. If this occurs, you will have lost your DAT test registration fee and will have to reapply and repay the $285 fee in order to test at a later date. Should you need to make any changes to information contained in your application, it must be received no later than two weeks before the test. Corrections and changes can be made via U.S. mail or fax to (312) 587-4105.

Schools that belong to a standardized application service, such as the Texas Medical and Dental Schools Application Service, will receive your scores directly. The service will notify all schools you have selected, as long as the selections were made prior to completing your test. Pre-dental advisors will also receive a copy of your scores, as long as you request it. A non-refundable DAT test registration fee of $25 per institution or individual will be charged for all requests made after your test date has been scheduled.

A limited number of partial fee waivers are available to students in serious financial need. A partial waiver reduces test fees by 50%. Students must ask for a waiver in writing and must complete and submit a separate form with the application. The form should be received at least two months prior to your intended test date. In order to be eligible for the waiver, students must be citizens or resident aliens and must have applied for school financial aid. Applicants who have previously received a DAT test registration fee waiver but failed to pass the test are not eligible for an additional waiver.