DAT Practice Test

If you are serious about passing your exam, you will need to hone your skills with a DAT practice test. You most likely have spent much concentrated effort with study tools; perhaps you have purchased and used a study guide or flashcards. You have probably even downloaded free practice questions or purchased a set. Maybe you have joined a study group or class. These are all helpful in preparing, but they do not prepare you as fully as a practice test! You still need to make sure you are really prepared by putting yourself through the paces of exactly what you will be expected to do on the test day.

Fortunately, you can find a DAT practice test online, in bookstores, or by ordering through other means. Unfortunately, these tests are not all equal in terms of quality. Naturally, you will want to select your practice test from a reputable, experienced source. The reason for taking a practice test is to increase your chances of passing the DAT on the first try. That means you will need a test that is very close to the actual exam in terms of content, organization, language, and types of questions.

Take the Practice Tests:

DAT Perceptual Ability Practice Questions
DAT Quantitative Reasoning Practice Questions
DAT Reading Comprehension Practice Questions
DAT Inorganic Chemistry (Natural Sciences) Practice Questions
DAT Organic Chemistry (Natural Sciences) Practice Questions
DAT Biology (Natural Sciences) Practice Questions

A DAT practice test that closely follows the actual exam will help you in a number of ways.

  1. First, taking the practice will calm your nerves, as putting yourself through the paces before you actually sit for the real exam will give you a better understanding of what to expect.
  2. Second, the practice test will teach you how to pace yourself, as you will have limited time for each of the four subtests. Taking the practice test will show you where you’re likely to slow down, as well as areas you may be rushing through.
  3. Third, a DAT practice test will help you build “muscle”. Just as you would not run a marathon without building endurance, a run-through with a practice test will teach your mind to stay focused.
  4. Passing the DAT on the first try is simply a matter of being fully prepared!

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